Carving Your Educational Career Graph


In India, quality of education is a key surrogate for success. Maybe, even more pronounced than money/wealth as an indicator for success. Right from childhood, your parents teach you the value of good education. The templates are quite clear…

1. Doctor
2. Engineer

Oops! What came of the pilot (that childhood dream!)? Of the guitarist (rock band!)? Of the NASA scientist (I’m off to the moon!)?

There are two questions that often daunt us:
1. What is my chosen field of specialization? Where-in lies my hidden strength?
2. What do I need to do ‘today’ to realize my potential and live my dreams? How do I prepare ‘today’ to shape my educational career?

This article does not promise a ready-made solution. It does not have a test which if you take will tell you your job compatibility score. It does not give you a mantra which if you chant everyday will help you realize your dreams. And that is because, there is no short-cut to living your dreams.

Why then this article? This article has been written to tell you that “You are special”. God has made you to serve a particular purpose in this life. It is up to us to realize what that is, work towards achieving it and relish every moment of this God-given life. Yes, this is not as easy as it sounds. You might feel the need of having an anchor in life, one who does not know you, one who has self-less love for you, one you can trust blindly because his views are unbiased.


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